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Apprenticeships – The New World

For many years, the apprenticeship delivery market has developed around a ‘lead provider’ and ‘subcontractor’ model. This situation has evolved over time due to many factors, but in a system where employers can make their own choice of provider from the RoATP, is there is really a need for a main provider to manage a subcontract arrangement within the apprenticeship funding models for levy employers.

We understand that some organisations may only have the capacity and capability to fulfil one part of the apprentice delivery requirements.

With the changes from on programme assessment to a focus on training and development, providers will need to look at their current provision and team to consider the possibility that they may need to look at alternative skills set to support apprenticeships standards.  This will be essential to ensure learners are able to retain knowledge, evidence skills and demonstrate behaviours in readiness for end point assessment.

This has in turn created a new opportunity for sector specialist organisations that understand the concept of training, rather than the old and concerning trend of arrive for an hour, observe, collect evidence and tick a box routine.   But equally, this also presents challenges for both the employer choosing a provider and new organisations transitioning from commercial to the world of funded provision and Ofsted.

As an employer do I select the experienced college or private training provider new to apprenticeships to deliver and manage the programme and risk the quality of training from educationalists rather than sector specialist. Or, do I take a risk and focus on the delivery and hope for the best that my new sector specialists understand the complexities of the need for quality assurance and auditing processes, dictated to by ESFA funding rules and retain their RoATP approval status to the end of the programme?

Many providers chose the route of subcontractor possibly for these reasons enabling them to focus on the provision and rely on an experienced main provider, typically a college, to provide the quality assurance and guidance that believe they need.

What makes GBS Ltd different?

As a supporting provider, you could naturally link your current prime to offer the above services but we believe we offer added value through not only managing the quality assurance but providing the delivery of functional skills and independent review processes on the main provision, the on-programme independent assessment and end point assessment preparation and support.

GBS become an integral part of your existing team to ensure a smooth and embedded process that does not replace existing specialist provision your experts are already delivering to.

Along the journey we will support you to look at bringing this service inhouse and creating a sustainable infrastructure within your own organisation to be self-sufficient on quality assurance.  This will enable you to have the confidence to apply as a main provider rather than a supporting when your RoATP is reviewed.

GBS compliments the providers who focus on training rather than assessment only based delivery. This ensures the learners journey is not only seamless but also supporting the learner in readiness of the new model of end point assessment.

As experienced assessors and lead IQA’s we have worked across a range of organisations in the sector, therefore understand the need for the non-learner contact based activities such as data gathering, apprenticeship monitoring and funding, quality assurance and Ofsted preparation.

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